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Direct thermal label paper are coated with a colorless thermal coating on the surface of ordinary offset labels. Under the action of the heat of the print head, the heat-sensitive parts of the thermal paper labels turn black. The parts that are not sensitive to heat do not change color, thus forming text or barcodes to achieve the purpose of printing. Direct thermal roll labels are divided into two types: With a protective layer and without a protective layer. The protective layer is above the thermal layer to protect the thermal layer, resist chemical corrosion, and prevent label contamination (such as sweat on hands, labels for blood banks) blood, etc.) and to protect the print head. The thermal coating can be designed with different activation temperatures as required to meet the needs of printers with different performances.

Direct thermal label has a chemical layer applied to a paper or synthetic base that is activated by heat. When the label is printed through a direct thermal printer, the small elements on the printer heat up and activate parts of the chemical layer to create the image required. They can be suitable for direct thermal label printers, weight scale printers, barcode printers, mobile printers, epos printers, and pda terminals. Jflabel is a leading direct thermal paper labels manufacturer in china. With large printing equipment and dozens of die-cutting machines in our factory, label rolls are highly customized products capable of handling a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, materials and prints available.

Among the uses of inkjet labels, drug anti-counterfeiting labels require high-resolution printing effects, and special elements are often added, such as microtext, anti-counterfeiting shading, etc. Some substrates are certified special materials. Cosmetic labels are mainly printed on synthetic materials, such as white or transparent polypropylene or polyethylene, and UV inkjet inks are suitable. Cosmetics due to their retail properties, bright labels can help them stand out from the many similar products on the shelf. In this regard, inkjet printed labels can easily achieve bright colors and special touches that attract consumers. In addition, when using inkjet labels for printing, it is necessary to make inkjet labels first. For example, the inkjet labels in the figure below need to import the gadget database, draw ordinary text, and draw a barcode. Read more info at

Self-adhesive stickers can use transparent PET, translucent PET, transparent OPP, transparent PVC, glossy PVC, polyester PET, laser paper and other films. The commonly used glue types are: general-purpose super-stick type, general-purpose strong-stick type, refrigerated food strong-stick type, general-purpose re-opening type, and fiber re-opening type. The decoration materials mainly involved are mainly film, mainly used for barcode labels, transportation labels, inkjet labels, which can be anti-counterfeiting, waterproof, alcohol-proof and wear-resistant. Other types include strong stickiness, removable, tear resistance, sun protection, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and so on.