UV LED chips factory 2024

Premium UV LED chip manufacturer: Tianhui Electronic has been engaging in UV LED package with full production series and stable quality and reliability as well as competitive prices. Over the past 20 years, we have served customers in more than 50 countries. We will quote within 1-3 days, deliver the sample within 3-7 days, and arrange shipment and delivery within 20-30 days for large goods. The CEO of Zhuhai Tianhui Electronics Co., Ltd. has 20 years of private enterprise management experience and nearly 20 years of UV industry experience. She has insight into the development direction of the UV industry, is proficient in team building and is good at integrating supply chain relationships.She is an OEM, ODM service and UVLED overall solution provider for various air and water disinfection modules. Discover extra info at UV LED module.

As a prominent UV LED diode manufacturer, our company’s UV light diode products boast significant advantages. Firstly, we employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure products with excellent stability and consistent performance, exhibiting superior wavelength accuracy and beam quality. Secondly, our products feature higher light output power and lower heat generation, leading to an extended lifespan and reduced maintenance costs compared to competitors. Our UV LED diode products find extensive applications in UV Led printing curing, UV LED water sterilization, medical disinfection, and microscope illumination. Industrially, UV LED diode are used in the printing industry, electronics manufacturing, and material curing processes. Additionally, their applications in biotechnology and medical diagnostics are gaining significant attention. Our company’s UV LED diode products have received widespread praise from customers for their excellent performance and wide range of applications. We will continue to innovate to provide customers with reliable UV light diode solutions.

Precise Wavelength Control: UV LED systems provide precise control over the emitted wavelength. This accuracy is crucial in applications where specific UV wavelengths are required for optimal curing results. Reduced Heat Emission: UV LED diodes emit minimal heat during the curing process, which is advantageous when working with heat-sensitive materials. This characteristic expands the range of substrates that can be processed using UV LED curing technology. The UV LED printing system is an advanced printing technology that utilizes UV LED (Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diode) as a light source to solidify UV ink. Compared to traditional mercury lamp light sources, ultraviolet LED light sources have higher energy efficiency and can convert more energy into ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the lifespan of UV LEDs is also longer, reaching tens of thousands of hours, reducing the cost of light source replacement and maintenance.Secondly, UV LED printing have lower energy consumption and less thermal radiation. Traditional mercury lamp light sources generate a large amount of thermal radiation, requiring additional heat dissipation systems to control temperature. UV LED light sources generate less heat, which can reduce energy consumption and thermal radiation, improve the stability and efficiency of printing systems.

Our UV LED board demonstrates exceptional energy efficiency, precise wavelength control, and uniform light distribution. It stands out for its robust durability and high reliability, ensuring consistent performance. With its compact design and easy installation, our UV LED board is an ideal solution for applications such as UV printing, sterilization systems, and photochemical processes, offering clients an efficient and reliable platform for their UV lighting needs.

Tianhui IR LED and Phototransistor – Encoder light source, an integrated diode emitting 850nm Led peak wavelength which is matched to a silicone sensor to measure the distance through the gap phase difference. Application products: Automatic control of motor revolution, Actuating motor, Controllable motor. Benchmarking ICHAUS, the optical output linearity is good, the emission angle is less than 5 degrees, the output power is high, and the conversion speed is fast. Cold and heat shock (- 40 degrees – 125 degrees) 1000 cycles, 6kg pressure for 30min, air tightness test, electrical aging for 1000 hours, light attenuation less than 5%.

Advantages of UV LED Curing Systems: – Energy Efficiency: UV LED Curing Systems are known for their high energy efficiency, converting a significant portion of electrical energy into UV light. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainability goals. Instant On/Off Capability: Unlike traditional UV lamps that require warm-up time, UV LED systems offer immediate on/off capability. This enhances operational efficiency by allowing quick start-ups and immediate cessation of curing processes. Extended Lifespan: UV LED diodes have a longer operational lifespan compared to traditional UV lamps, minimizing downtime associated with maintenance and replacements. This longevity contributes to increased productivity. Find even more details on tianhui-led.com.

In practical applications, 200-280nm UVC LED modules are widely used in fields such as drinking water treatment, swimming pool purification, and aquarium filtration. It can be installed in the water channel and efficiently kill microorganisms in water through continuous ultraviolet irradiation, improving the hygiene and safety of water quality. In summary, the 200-280nm UVC LED module provides an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly solution for mobile water treatment. Its emergence not only improves the shortcomings of traditional water treatment methods, but also provides people with a safer and healthier water environment. With the continuous progress of technology, I believe that the application prospects of UVC LED modules in the field of water treatment will be even broader.

In addition, ultraviolet disinfection lamps can also be used to disinfect the interior space of the car. Ultraviolet rays have strong bactericidal properties and can destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms, thereby inactivating them. When using UV disinfection lamps, ensure that all personnel have left the vehicle and follow the instructions to ensure safety. Similarly, we can also use automobile air purifier to disinfect the car. Another common method is to use a car air conditioning system for disinfection. The humid environment in car air conditioning systems is prone to the growth of bacteria and mold, so it is very important to regularly clean and disinfect the air conditioning system. Special air conditioning cleaners can be used to clean the air conditioning system and ensure regular replacement of air filters.