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High quality biotanks provider Bosnia and Herzegovina: Potable water products include a large range of available and different models to meet all space and volume needs. Our potable water tanks produced for outdoor use are characterized by blue color (Verticale, Box, Jolly), and for underground installation black and / or gray color (Cisterna, Canotto and Panettone). Engineers design water distribution and handling systems with Procedo potable water storage tanks, because they are manufactured with eco friendly listed materials. Discover additional information at potable water tanks.

Once every six months, your above-ground water storage tank needs to be emptied and cleaned. Follow these steps to clean your above-ground water storage tank: Leave a small amount of water at the bottom of the tank to aid you while cleaning. Use a brush to scrub around the inside of the tank. Rinse the tank with filtered water and allow it to dry. Add enough chlorine bleach to the tank so that it maintains a level of 50 parts per million (ppm) or higher once the tank is filled with water. Allow this solution to sit for 24 hours. Ensure that no one accesses the tank during this time. Drain the tank. Ensure that you do not drain the chlorine solution into vegetation or any area where plant or animal life will be affected. Rinse the tank thoroughly. If any chlorine is left over, it can harm plants if you use stored rainwater for gardening. Allow the tank to dry. Reconnect the tank to the downspout.

Water is the single most important resource on our planet, and it’s crucial that drinking water be kept safe and secure. Making the right choice with the tank liners for water systems can ensure that you not only keep potable water safe, but do so in a way that’s efficient, durable, and will stand the test of time. If you have questions about the right liner for your tank needs, give our office a call. We’d love to hear from you. Not only that, but these materials make for considerably easier repairs: they can be repaired with onsite welding without damaging the integrity of the liner, which makes for minimal service interruptions when repairs must be made.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Because they are installed underground, water storage tanks won’t compromise landscapes and they can be installed for large commercial buildings/organizations without compromising space. Underground water storage tanks can easily be installed beneath the ground, offering peace of mind. In the heart of the Banja Luka, Procedo installed a potable water storage tank underground. This allows visitors access to clean water while not disrupting the majestic views.

What are the differences between above ground and underground water storage tanks? While both above ground and underground water storage tanks are used for the same thing, they come with many differences in their installation, maintenance, and cost. Maintaining an above-ground tank is easier than maintaining an underground one, but you may need to perform maintenance more often. Because above-ground tanks are exposed to the elements, cracks are more likely to form. In addition, you are more likely to notice cracks on an above-ground tank than an underground one. You will only notice problems with an underground tank when it stops functioning.

A reliable water supply is imperative in any survival situation, especially during emergencies like hurricanes and power outages. If you don’t have access to a well or other source of safe drinking water after a storm, having a reliable storage tank with a reserve can be the difference between life and death. A water storage tank can help ensure that your family has clean water in an emergency and maintain your property’s value during a period of economic stress. All of these reasons make having a water storage tank an important part of your disaster preparedness plan. For well services and other water-related services, consult Procedo. Read even more information at