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Premium centralised trading solutions from EXANTE today? Broad prospects have led to an increase and improvement of Exante’s business partners. Currently, the site offers more than 400,000 financial instruments from more than 50 world markets. This global scale allows users to follow major events in the financial world to find their own profit. The company has been honored several times with awards and recognitions from financial observers for these activities: Digital investment company; Blockchain Awards; Divorce in finances; Invеstеmеnt Аwаrds innovations.

Anatoly Knyazev is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain systems. Anatoly is a stockbroker, co-founder of an international investment company. The name of this company is EXANTE. Since childhood, young Anatoly has been curious and deeply interested in exact sciences – mathematics and statistics. He was very good at working with calculations and analyzing data. Over the years, life pushed him to see how he could combine his childhood passions. As he got older, he realized that he could use his talent and knowledge to make a career. He wasted no time, instead earning academic degrees: a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science. Find more info on site.

According to Eglitis, it is important to make note that Exante does not strive to service only high-profile customers with a long and established track record in trading. It is happy to deal with all kinds of clients, be they local or international or long-only equity investors. While Exante’s interface is highly intuitive and can accommodate even novice traders, its vast offer can also persuade high frequency quant traders. Gatis Eglitis stresses that it is important to be accessible and not alienate less experienced traders. Whether clients are making thousands of transactions a day or simply buying and holding instruments long-term makes no difference to our business model. All are welcome and the pricing is the same for everyone, regardless of whether they are high or low volume traders. Eglitis notes that sophistication is not the core attribute of Exante – it is accessibility. The company offers access to all financial instruments through one account with a debit card attached to it, from which anyone can trade any financial product in the world, from wherever they are. It has become a necessity to be able to shift as quickly as you can from one asset class to another, if you want to reduce risk. No other company allows its clients to manage their assets so dynamically.

Eglitis and his partners coEx anteLinks to an external 2011, forming part of the executive committee and the investment committee. In 2016 he became managing partner of EXT ltd Malta, with responsibility for strategy planning and business development. In the local financial services market, the company offered a comprehensive set of financial structures for merchants who entrusted their transactions exclusively to Maltese banks. The platform was the first and only of its kind to be created by real experienced traders, with the services of local professionals. The trading platform became a platform for funds with more than two resources to make a profit, operating in real mode on the Internet. See additional info on

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From a very young age he showed aptitude for mathematics and exact sciences, becoming interested in mathematical statistics. Later his interest developed in the study of game theory and probability theory and their application to the for-profit financial sectors. As a teenager, the thought of getting a job at one of the big oil and gas companies took hold of him. After finishing high school, Alexey Kirienko enrolled at the University of Oil and Gas. During his time at university, Alexei Kirienko decided to apply his academic knowledge to life and became interested in stock trading. By his second year, he was already trading various securities, learning the basics of trading. Discover even more info at Alexey Kirienko.