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Decor paper supplier in China? I.DECOR is a decorative paper manufacturer and supplier with various kinds types and styles of melamine decorative paper to meet the different needs of customers. I.DECOR decorative paper manufacturer always insists on selecting environment-friendly materials and adopts exquisite workmanship in the manufacturing. Our melamine decorative paper is beautiful and decorative with advantages including resistance to water, moisture, wear, corrosion, and high temperature. See additional details on

Which Application of Decor Paper is Most Prominent? High endurance and better overall strength make high-pressure laminates a preferred choice for multiple home decor applications. These laminates are formed by pressing together multiple decor paper layers under intense heat and pressure that gives them their characteristic strength. High-pressure laminates are expected to see major demand from flooring applications due to their better endurance and strength qualities.

Substantially rising demand for decor paper in wooden flooring applications such as the use of high-pressure laminates has spurred the prospects in the decor paper market. However, low-pressure laminates are also rising in popularity. Rapid pace of urbanization is a key trend adding to the growth avenues in the market. Do you want to assess potential implications of COVID-19 pandemic on your business and boost your preparedness?

Our decor papers for HPL and CPL feature aesthetic surfaces, high color consistency and post forming capabilities with excellent durability for demanding applications. Typical applications include worktops, water resistant panels, and furniture for receptions or laboratories, window sills or outdoor cladding. Our decor papers for HPL/CPL are available in a wide range of white and solid colors. They offer important characteristics, such as high color consistency and good light-fastness. They have excellent impregnation properties and post forming ability to make the perfect solution for decorative surfaces.

Decor paper consumption across the world is anticipated to rise at a high CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 to 2027. What Opportunities Could Decor Paper Manufacturers Cash In On? Urbanization has increased substantially across the world and this factor has had a substantial effect on sales of decor paper. Increasing demand for visually appealing products has been propelled by increasing urbanization and changing lifestyle trends on a global scale. Framed paper flower wall decor and home decorating paper is expected to see high demand as the population adopts a better and more luxurious lifestyle. See even more info at wood grain paper.