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Electronic product design company right now? TronicsZone is one of the top Electronics design & manufacturing companies based out of Bangalore. We provide a wide array of services that include Embedded Systems, Custom Electronics Design, PCB Design, IoT Hardware, Firmware development, Prototyping & Electronic Manufacturing Services. With close to 20 years of solid experience in Electronics Design, we have successfully completed 100s of high-tech & complex Electronic Product Designs. We always strive to deliver high quality services at affordable costs. See additional details at electronic product design.

We design, prototype and develop diverse electronic hardware in a customized and highly precise manner. We are capable of converting your ideas or transform a functional diagram to an electronic circuit or product that can help an electronic device perform its functions. With a team of proficient engineers, we build phenomenal electronic design. We can handle small scale assembly in-house, but we have tie-ups with several local board assembly facilities to get the boards populated rapidly for large volumes.

The PCB can be altered to make it flexible by using flexible materials like plastic but the fabrication costs tend to be greater than the rigid PCBs. They are very efficient in terms of cost and weight as one PCB covers the area which multiple PCBS would be needed. Rigid-Flex PCB is the best possible merger of rigid and flexible PCBs having rigid PCBs attached to flexible PCBs. A PCB can also be designed according to your technological needs thus being the best possible fit to assemble your circuit. PCB design services starts with a PCB designer who gathers all the product specifications and the requirements for your circuitry. Then using best strategic design techniques he creates a best fit PCB which is designed to cater your needs ensuring it meets the standards and competitors products in the market.

PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit Board. A PCB layout is made to electrically connect the electronic components through conductive tracks and pads. It forms the backbone of all Electronic Design Services. Hence, it must be carried out with utmost care & responsibility. It can almost single-handedly determine the success of an Electronic Product. These components are soldered onto the PCB to provide electrical connectivity and to fasten them onto the board.

We design Electronic products, from concept to completion & can take it through to successful manufacturing. An enthusiastic team of engineers, technicians & non-technical staff forms the backbone of our services. We strive to ensure all work is delivered as per customer’s expectations, most of the times, easily exceeding the expectations. We believe in educating customers so they are well informed and we never make the customer order more than what is needed to achieve their goals. See more information at top PCB design company.