Induction heating equipment factory in China

Premium induction heating machinery manufacturer? Our company is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province. As a professional manufacturer, SHANDONG KEHUA INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. has modern standard workshops, office buildings and R&D centers. The products are selling well in more than 20 regions and countries , are widely used in casting, heat treatment, forging, machining and other industries. The products quality and price as well as after-sale service are recognized and praised by users. See additional details at induction heating equipment.

Induction melting furnace – induction coreless melting furnaces mean to melt metal and get cast iron and steel casting of the highest quality, also for founding high-hardness and stainless alloys, ferroalloys. Induction furnaces use in the foundries of the metallurgical plant, in the precision casting shops and in the repair shops of the machine-building factories. ICMEF – are retrofit furnaces of IAC, ICIC, ISC. Induction melting furnace is suitable to melt non-ferrous metals and alloys, such as brass, bronze, aluminum, copper and others. Check Kehua induction melting furnace supplier main products following.

The induction heating is also used for tamper resistant cap sealing on bottles and pharmaceuticals. Induction heating is used for welding of metals and sometimes plastics when they are doped with ferromagnetic ceramics. Induction heating principle has been used in manufacturing processes since the 1920s. As it’s said that – necessity is the mother of invention, during world war-2, the need for a fast process to harden the parts of the metal engine, has developed induction heating technology rapidly. Today we see the application of this technology in our day to day requirements. Recently, the need for improved quality control and safe manufacturing techniques has brought this technology into the limelight once again. With today’s high-end technologies, new and reliable methods for implementation of induction heating are being introduced.

How Induction Heating Works? Knowing the Faraday’s law is very useful for understanding the working of induction heating. According to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, changing the electric field in the conductor gives rise to an alternating magnetic field around it, whose strength depends on the magnitude of the applied electric field. This principle also works vice-versa when the magnetic field is changed in the conductor. The coil used as an inductor, to which power is applied comes in various forms. The induced current in the material is proportional to the number of turns in the coil. Thus, for the effectiveness and efficiency of the induction heating, the coil design is important.

The National Electric Furnace Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a type test of the “KGPS-3000-0.3S / GW4 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Induction Furnace” of Shandong Kehua Intelegent equipment Co., Ltd., and the rated capacity, power, Temperature, rated frequency, power factor, melting rate, unit power consumption, surface temperature rise of heated components, noise, cooling water temperature, grounding resistance, etc. See more info on