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High quality taper roller custom bearing provider? Thrust spherical roller bearings and spherical roller bearing,the same seat ring raceway surface is consistent with the bearing center shaft point as the center of the sphere,the roller of these bearings are of spherical shape,therefore,has the automatic regulating cardiac function,are not sensitive to coaxial degree and axis deflection.Compared with cylindrical roller thrust bearing,large carring capacity,relative sliding is small,but limit rotatinaol speed is low. Find additional details at double taper roller bearing.

Joint bearing can bear larger load.According to the different types and structure, can bear radial load, axial load or the joint of the radial, axial load.Because the inside is outside the sphere with composite material, so the bearing can produce self-lubrication at work.Oscillating motion is generally used in low speed, and low speed rotation, can also be tilted movement within a certain Angle, when the supporting shaft and shaft shell hole concentricity is bigger, can still work normally.Self-lubricating bearing joints used in water conservancy, professional machinery and other industries.

Bearing is fixed in the process of mechanical transmission parts and reduce the load coefficient of friction.Its main function is to support the mechanical body of revolution, to reduce the equipment in the mechanical load coefficient of friction in the process of transmission.By the frictional properties of motion elements, bearing can be divided into two categories, the rolling bearing and sliding bearing. Most of the bearing in order to ensure stable and reliable bearing, and add the lubricating oil for lubrication, the purpose is to reduce the bearing internal friction and wear, prevent burning stick: extend the fatigue life of bearing;Friction heat, or by an external sound of hot air.

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Released on December 20, 1984 of the People’s Republic of China machinery industry standard: JB / 2300-84 the rotary bearing type, basic parameters and technical requirements, composed mainly of machinery and electronics industry of tianjin engineering machinery research institute, xuzhou hering slewing bearing factory is responsible for drafting, the country then issued standard of construction machinery in 1991: JB36.1-36.3-91, released in 1999 and 2011 successively new machinery industry standard JB / 2300-1999 and JB / 2300-2011. Slewing bearing, is a kind of comprehensive load to bear a large bearings, can withstand the larger axial and radial load and tilting moment.

The rigidity of a spherical roller bearing is determined by the amount of elastic deformation that occurs when it bears a load. Under normal circumstances, this amount of deformation is very small and can be ignored. However, in some machinery, such as machine tool spindle systems, spherical rollers The static stiffness and dynamic stiffness of the sub-bearing have a great influence on the characteristics of the system. Spherical roller bearings have higher rigidity than ball bearings. Various types of bearings can also improve their rigidity to varying degrees through proper “preloading”. Spherical roller bearings are suitable for carrying heavy loads. Load size is usually the decisive factor in selecting the bearing size. Roller bearings have greater carrying capacity than ball bearings with the same external dimensions. Usually, ball bearings are suitable for light or medium loads, and roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads.

In the initial development stage of self-lubricating bearings, China’s bearing research and development team can only find useful knowledge from related books over and over again. He Liangjia himself also tried his best to actually experience and understand the practical applications related to it. In this regard, He Liangjia has traveled to weaving factories and other places many times to teach himself fabric structure design, manufacturing technology, adhesive and bonding technology, surface modification treatment technology, tribology and other related knowledge.