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Listed as the issue #2, Whiz comics #2 is a little strange. Issue #1 was only used in promotional advertising and never actually released to the public, so in reality, #2 is the public’s #1. It features the first appearance of Captain Marvel, or Shazam in today’s world, to avoid any confusion with Marvel’s own superhero – Captain Marvel! The popularity of this comic book and its exclusivity meant it managed to sell for $281,000 in 2012. Possibly one of the most important comic books on the list is The Fantastic Four, which sold for $300,000 in 2011. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, this comic book shows the Fantastic Four’s first adventure. If the Fantastic Four weren’t created, we most likely wouldn’t have any of the Marvel characters that we enjoy today.

A modern character who ran contrary to the established lore of what a hero should be in many ways. Unlike the whiter than white Captain America, Wolverine was a grey character from the outset. His origins were a mystery for decades, with only hints as to where he truly came from. All that was known was that he was a mutant, far older than he appeared, and had been experimented on in the past and given an Adamantium skeleton and claws by an unknown party. Eventually, his origins were fleshed out and much of the mystery washed away. But what remained was a character that stood apart. He wasn’t relatable, like Spider-Man, or the subject of wish-fulfilment like Superman. Wolverine was an outsider, who managed to make friends, and a loner who joined just about every team there is. He’s bad tempered, rude, arrogant.. and yet he’s also spiritual and wise. It’s these many contradictions which make him so appealing.

A gripping snapshot of organized crime in New York City wrapped in a detective thriller, Newburn is a joint effort between the ever-prolific Chip Zdarsky and artist Jacob Phillips. Released late last year by Image, Newburn focuses on Easton Newburn, a private detective on call who walks a shaky line between crime families and corruption in New York. A charmless, Colombo-esque private dick, Newburn teams up with would-be-crook Emily to uncover the truth about the city’s most ruthless families The book has a modern noir look to it and Zdarsky shines as he incorporates little tidbits about New York’s real-life seedy side into the story’s backdrop. Only five issues deep so far, Newburn has a lot of promise and room to grow if you’re looking for something intriguing, ongoing, and easy to jump into. As somehow who also writes both Daredevil at Marvel and Batman at DC Comics, it’s impressive that Zdarsky continues to churn out compelling indie stories like this on the side. Find more info on