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Bluetooth trackers have a pretty limited range—usually about 200 feet maximum and they can experience interference caused by walls or other obstructions. Power is also a concern, though trackers can last up to a year. Some providers offer replaceable batteries or a discounted trade-in system as a way to address this limitation. GPS trackers are small, about the size of a fingernail (though they need to be teamed up with a larger battery as well). The technology inside includes a small electronic chip, an antenna to communicate with orbiting satellites, and typically some cellular or mobile communication components to share location data in real-time. To communicate location data, the GPS device calculates the distance to multiple satellite signals by measuring the time it takes to receive back a transmitted signal. This data is then communicated via a network (like a mobile phone network, for example), which allows you to pinpoint the device’s location through an application or web browser interface.

There’s no doubt that the Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed the way we interact with the world. From small smartwatches tracking your steps to relying on your smartphone to help navigate a new city, it seems like the GPS is virtually everywhere. However, a lot of these everyday consumer technologies can only go so far. Whether you’re looking to get specific data or just want additional security, you might want to look into getting a GPS tracker for your vehicle.

In addition to creating a geofence, GPS trackers can also be set to alert you according to the parameters you set. You can set them to alert you every time a location change occurs, or you can have a specific time interval set where you will receive your next alert, such as hourly. However, as parents, it is our job to keep tabs on our teens. We can’t abdicate our responsibility to look after their well-being, even if they are getting older and increasing in their responsibilities. We still have to set limits and give consequences when those limits are not respected.

Track everything from an easy dashboard: Deliver more productivity from your team with an easy-to-use tracking dashboard. Track from a mobile app or any web browser and get alerts when events happen (like an asset enters or leaves a particular area). GPS tracking increases safety and helps drive better performance from teams. Track and manage company vehicles for location and safety View vehicle and asset locations from one easy to use dashboard Enable your team to locate and track vehicles, trailers and equipment. Active construction sites are inherently difficult to secure. Inventory, equipment, and tools are frequently stolen. Proactive companies are using trackers to secure the most vulnerable items including HVAC units, materials, appliances, equipment and more. Companies are able to prevent theft and increase efficiency. Read additional info on logistimatics.com.