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Enhancing Makeovers: A bathroom renovation is frequently the first step in taking your property to the next level. With a portfolio of projects, our ability to meticulously design bathroom makeovers in Northampton homes is evident, as is our dedication to quality finishing. We will maximise the benefits of your bathroom modelling work in Northampton if you choose us. It might be difficult to find the correct bathroom design and installation in Northampton, but our bathroom builders will deliver your design and alter your home.

How can I figure out how many square metres M2 there are? Wall and floor tiling is often measured in square metres (M2) One square metre is equal to one metre in length and one metre in breadth. If you’re tiling a wall that’s 2.4 metres high by 2 metres wide, multiply it by 2.4 to get 4.8m2. Repeat this for each wall or floor you’re tiling, and add 15% to the total to account for waste and off cuts. This will usually provide you with enough tiles to complete the project.

Install Your New Suite: After clearing out the old bathroom, our crew will perform the necessary preparations for the new supply pipes. The waste pipes for the toilet, shower, bath, and basin will also be prepared. The new pipes will be routed into the location of the new bathroom fixtures, and the new fixtures, which were properly fitted prior to installation, will be properly installed. Finally, the new pipes will be leak-tested, and the flooring and walls will be restored. We’ll also make sure the new fixtures are level and the faucets are working properly. The blinds, cabinets, and other other objects will be repositioned as well, and you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom.

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