Inventory management for Google sheets right now

High quality inventory management for google sheets 2022? GEAR is a Google Sheets based inventory software app builder that links with Barcode scanning on iOS, Android and desktop. GEAR NBS helps you to build an inventory application for things like physical goods, parts or even real estates. Just like a Google Form, it helps you to make a form with fields specifically designed for asset management purposes. Once this is done, the Google Sheet is then connected as your database! Enter all inventory details effortlessly, whether you’re at the warehouse or on the go. Find extra info at inventory application builder. With the gear NBS mobile app, you can manage your inventory no matter where you are. You can switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly.

Data Assets instantly store and update onto your Google Sheet in real-time. Enjoy Google Sheet functions such as graphing your data, publish to website, google scripts, and more. Assets remain in your Google Drive at all times for secured privacy. Create your form choosing from customizable text fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, and much more form options to design a form fit for your purposes. Whether it’s to for asset management, stock Inventory, event ticket validations, student attendance, employee clocking system—you name it.

The sheet you design will function as a fill-out form with input fields each time an equipment device’s barcode / serial number is scanned. The exact fields created for the form will also be the columns in your Google Spreadsheet. This Google Spreadsheet that stores all information is auto-generated in your Google Drive when you press [Complete and Save] for your designed form. Once you have finished your form design you can preview your custom form by clicking [Preview Form].

With its tools, you can create graphs that will allow you to view your information in different formats. Graphs provide an accurate picture of your inventory and enables you to make reports. This is a great feature of Google Sheets based inventory management. Improve your inventory management workflow: Furthermore, you can use Google Sheets and Google Form as these applications are complimentary. This supports inventory management for Google Drive since a form can be filled up and integrated with the barcode scanner. The same data will be uploaded to Google Sheets making it easy to create a barcode field. This makes it easier to track the information wherein you have a unique barcode to identify items in your inventory.

Desktop mode on Chrome Browser: On the main screen, you will notice that the scan button says “click here and scan with USB barcode scanner” instead of “click here to scan”. Scan an item using your mounted wireless/bluetooth scanner. It will capture the item and display the entry form. Also we have a roadmap to implement the blockchain. The blockchain is a user-generated and decentralized ledger that enables the transfer of digital information or valuable assets through a secure, private, and reliable environment. Blockchain technology is based on peer-to-peer networks where blocks are created in order for transactions to be confirmed by nodes across the network so users can track them. See even more information at