Fast single mailbox for all email ids solution by MutantMail

Top rated single mailbox for all email ids providers today? I had been eying Mutant Mail for some time. The notice that Google is suddenly to start charging for custom domains on legacy accounts gave me the push to try Mutant Mail. It turned out to be an excellent purchase, Easy to set-up and with a ton of well-thought out extra functionality including a powerful Rules module. Find even more information at how to reply a forwarded email. Each email on our server passthrough Antivirus for Malware, Spyware and Virus scan. That’s on top of our spam/bot filter. Not only that, you can use our extensive rules to block spam at your account level.

Does this work with a regular gmail address or do I have to have a workspace account? It does work with a regular Gmail address, on any other including G-suite or workspace account. The only condition being destination/recipient/control e-mail id should be outside of Mutant Mail system, that can even be G-suite on a subdomain. During the Setup process it’s asking me to input a “real email address” that will be used as my forwarding address. Is this address changeable? Yes, it’s changeable. All you need to do is, add another email id in the “Recipient Inbox” tab and verify it. Then go to settings and mark it as default. After that, you can delete the old email id in the “Recipient Inbox” tab. The only condition is, none of the email ids should be used on any other Mutant Mail account.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to create a catchy and eye-catching subject line: Keep it short. The ideal subject line is between 5 and 10 words long. Anything longer and you run the risk of losing customers’ attention. Use keywords that people are likely to search for. If you can target your message to people who are actively looking for information related to your product or service, you’re more likely to get them to open your email. Personalize it whenever possible. Add your own name, logo and contact info to make it stand out from the crowd. Add a call-to-action. Even if your subject line says “free information,” you should link people to your website or blog instead of simply giving them the information they want. Add emoji . Not only will this drive curiosity, but it’s also much more likely to get opened than regular text. Don’t be boring. No one wants to read same monotonous email, and more you send that same email, the more likely it is to get ignored.

How can you guys work without SMTP, IMAP etc? It’s very simple really. We work at one level higher, at email level instead of nagging SMTP/IMAP etc. That means, when you hit that reply button on your recipient email id for any email forwarded by Mutant Mail. An email is sent from your recipient email id to our server, than we send one on your behalf with exact same content to your client, without them or you knowing about the process. Your recipient email id, cannot be traced back at all in the email.

Email ID on Mutant Mail provide a layer of privacy and security for your email communications by allowing you to use a different email address for different purposes. For example, you can use an email id for your personal email account and another email id for your work email account. This can help protect your privacy if you want to keep your personal and work emails separate, or if you need to communicate with someone anonymously. Email ID on Mutant Mail can also be used to protect your email from spam and malware. By using a Mutant Mail associated Email ID for your email address, you can make it more difficult for spammers to find and target you. If your Mutant Mail associated Email ID or recipient email id is compromised by malware, they can be swapped easily. Discover additional info on

So, either migrate to MutantMail by removing the current provider’s MX records and adding MutantMail’s. or if you would like to keep using your domain with your current email provider then add subdomain of it to MutantMail such as This is because emails cannot be handled by multiple different mail servers at the same time, even if they have the same priority MX records. It can only be delivered to one mail server at a time which will typically be the MX record with the smallest number since this has the highest priority. Using a subdomain will not interfere with your current email setup and you’ll be able to create email ids like * through MutantMail.