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Stand up pouch packaging manufacturer today? As the world evolves to a more eco-friendly one we work hard to come up with real solutions to minimize our foot print. Stand Up Pouches one of the best eco-friendly solutions when analyzed for the total life cycle. We supply Stand-Up Pouches in-line with circular economy principles and make sure to have minimum food waste. Plastic inside makes the stand-up pouch sealable with simple machinery for tamper proof pouches. Highest quality zipper ensures numerous open and close. Discover even more details at eco friendly pouches. Made of Paper only: Paper has one of the easiest and well established recycling streams. End customers can safely throw it out to the paper once the pouch is totally used. We inform the customers so that they don’t need to wonder where to dump it to. Why Compost if you can Recycle? All kinds of paper will compost if left in nature or given enough time humidity and oxygen in composting factories. We always ask why compost if you can recycle? Paper can be used over and over again and have a high economical value. We believe in Circular Economy.

Compostable Pouches or bio-degradable Stand-Up Pouches: Compostable Pouches are the pouches that has to become a compost, degrades and become edible by insects or used in soil. The idea of pouch getting composted into soil and we don’t have to do about it makes us feel very good but it is not the whole truth. Compostable pouches only compost in some certain temperature and humidity if not they remain as they are. If we are worried about marine litter it is very likely that a fish may eat it like a plastic get sick with it, later we eat them and we also get sick too.

The goal of the circular economy is to have an efficient waste collection and sorting system so that everybody will try to put its waste to the system because they will benefit the outcomes. This way no plastic will leak to the nature. How About Oxo-degradable? Oxo degradable is the worst and EU is trying to forbid entrance of OXO-degradable products. The problem with Oxo-degradable is, the plastic is broken in to small pieces, as small as powder. The plastic powder is blown around with the wind and we can inhale it with other dust in the air. If that powder goes in the marine they can easily end up in the digestive system of the fish. One can avoid eating regular plastic but they will not see small powders from oxo-bio degradable bags. So OXO bio-degradable is a NO NO!

Recyclable Stand-Up Pouches: Regular Stand-up pouches are made of composite such as foil, Pet, Kraft Paper etc., laminates because every layer of film serves a different purpose. When the empty stand-up pouch is collected by collectors they face the problem of classifying the pouches. Each layer of flexible film itself is recyclable but when we laminate them together they cannot be broken into pieces and used anymore. Very similar to a Mule that cannot reproduce. Read extra information on recyclable pouch manufacturer.