Full Review Of Signature Vape Cartridge By JustCBD

In this review, I’ll be reviewing the entire product
category of CBD
signature vape cartridges
by JustCBD.
The category involves Pineapple
, Sour
, and Northern

The brand also offers a range of other regular vape
cartridges in unbeatable flavors including blueberry, vanilla custard cream,
mango, lemon, and many others. And after these signature cartridges, I am much
more excited to try them out. I also checked their vape pen category on their
website and I must say it’s worthy of your time and money.

Though JustCBD has always been one of my favorite CBD brands
and I have tried their CBD products in various forms from gummies to pain
creams, but vape cartridge is something new for me. Thanks to the brand for
exposing us to a healthy lifestyle with such creativity. So, before I start
with the review, I’d like to give the company its due acknowledgment. Thus,
here is a little about it.

About JustCBD

JustCBD was established with the aim to show the world the
true nature and capabilities of CBD and drive out CBD-based products from the
dark they had been thrown to. Initially, when CBD products started to gain
attention, some people started defaming them in different ways. This pushed
consumers into a constant state of confusion and fear of what they might get
under the name of CBD. It was due to this that many states prohibited its use.

However, companies like JustCBD who were dedicated to the
cause and passionate to bring CBD into our healthy lifestyles came forth to
combat the deceivers and bring CBD under the good light. True to its mission,
JustCBD based its core value on CBD as nature’s miracle. The company makes sure
to stay transparent about its CBD dosage and product compositions. Thus, not
only I but all of its customers can second its honesty and high-quality. For
these reasons, JustCBD has gained significant acknowledgment in various
publications like Detroit
Metro Times
, Home
, and SF

JustCBD offers a broad range of CBD products including
topicals, edibles, bath bombs and soaps, isolates, and much more. Honestly, I
haven’t yet come across any other CBD brands with such various product lines.
It clearly shows how much the brand wants us to reap the benefits of CBD.

JustCBD Signature Vape Cartridge Full Review

JustCBD signature vape juices are made up of CBD oil,
vegetable glycerin, broad spectrum hemp, propylene glycol, and terpenes.
Mentioning broad spectrum hemp oil, I’d like to bring light to the fact that a
number of CBD companies offer products claiming to be containing broad spectrum
hemp oil while in reality, they use CBD isolates. Whether you have or haven’t yet
come across these brands, let me assure you that JustCBD is not one of them.

Although both forms of CBD extracts are beneficial, full
spectrum oil is considered more potent than isolates. This makes it an
important factor to take into account when buying a CBD product. CBD isolates
are the purest form of CBD that does not contain any other compound. On the
other hand, broad-spectrum hemp extract provides the benefit of other
naturally-occurring compounds found in hemp plants like terpenes, cannabinoids,
phytochemicals, etc.

Initially, I was even confused between hemp oil and CBD oil,
but thanks to JustCBD for educating me on the basics of CBD.

The presence of these compounds in broad-spectrum hemp
extract creates an entourage effect under which all the cannabis compounds
except THC work in synergy. This mechanism offers more benefits in smaller
doses and has fewer to no side effects. Thus, with JustCBD vape cartridges,
you’ll be enjoying the benefits of broad-spectrum hemp extract.    

Moreover, the terpenes are organic
compounds found in the cannabis plant that is responsible for its aroma and
flavor. The more terpenes are in a cannabis flower, the darker is its aroma. It
is the terpenes that give the all-natural CBD products their unique flavors
including diesel, spicy, tropical, herbal, coffee, etc.

Propylene glycol is used to ensure
smooth smoke and enhance the flavor. It creates a similar sensation as smoking
tobacco -the throat hit. Vegetable glycerin further contributes to enhancing
the smoking sensation by thickening the smoke.

With these vape juices, you do not have to worry about the
GMO content as these are free of those. In fact, they are free of pesticides

I was sent all the three JustCBD signature cartridges and
have tried all of them. so here is what I think about them.


I was intrigued by the name itself, and the flavor did not
fail to surprise me either. Initially, it felt spicy to the tastebuds, but as
the name says it can show you the night sky and stars in a whole different

The brand itself describes it as “spicy but sweet” and I
agree. It did feel spicy at first but eventually, it turned into a mix of spicy
and sweet flavor which if visualized would be like the perfect mix of northern
lights -dark, light, neon, dull, and whatnot. I have been vaping for a long time,
but never came across any flavor like this.

You can use it at any time of the day -or whenever you need
a sudden gust of energy to shake yourself up. With 200 mg CBD, I didn’t need
more than a couple of puffs. Within 20 minutes I was completely calm and

Sour Diesel

The brand claims sour
to be one of its best-selling vape cartridges. Considering its name,
I can say it is more popular among advanced vapers, though since it does not
contain THC, there is a chance of getting high. Whereas, it has a powerful
relaxing effect – 2 puffs in; all the stress out. With such a mind-clearing
effect, I felt much revitalized and I would especially recommend it to people
under constant mental. In fact, artists can use it to their benefit.

Coming to its flavor, I was a little skeptical about its
potency just by its name. I do not really like the smell of diesel and was a
little reluctant to try it. Nevertheless, I tried it. The rubber-like smell was
the first thing a came across and honestly, I did not entirely dislike it. The
flavor was potent but enjoyable for a clogged mind.

Pineapple Express

Unlike the other two, Pineapple
has a tropical and sweet flavor. As inspired
by the tropical islands of Hawaii, this flavor makes the perfect escape from
the strained world. It is a must-try for people willing to release their tensed
state of mind at any time of the day. Although I quite liked the Northern
Lights, this one kept me hooked as it undoubtedly boosted my mood. The sweet,
fruity note of the pineapple flavor is light to taste, but is potent enough to
fulfill its purpose. I felt its effect last for about 1-3 hours which is
optimum for vapes.

Another significant effect I noticed
of CBD vape juices was pain relief. Coincidently, when I started with the
pineapple express, I was going through a slight back pain from sitting for long
hours. But that was gone by the end of the cartridge. Since my pain was quite
light, I cannot confidently guarantee its effect on severe pain.

How to Use a JustCBD Signature Vape Cartridge?

A CBD vape cartridge is a slim and cylindrical container,
housing vape juice. JustCBD uses a plastic container topped with a wooden cork.
It provides the perfect seal to retain the scent of the flavor. I removed the
cork slightly and was instantly welcomed by the strong scent of the flavor. Though
it felt strong initially, after a few seconds it eventually came to its
original form -the perfect mid-point between strong and weak -the pleasurable.

These cartridges are of 0.5-1 ml and can be coupled with a
variety of vape devices like vape pens and vaporizers. However, it requires a
5-10 thread battery that is 450mah or above.

All you have to do is attach the cartridge to the battery
and press the power button 5 times. Press the button once while inhaling and
take in small puffs. You’ll have to wait at least 5 minutes to observe the
effect of CBD and continue only if required. However, generally, it is better
to start slow and later move on to higher doses. Thus, it is easy to use even
for beginners.


Experimenting with the JustCBD signature vape cartridges,
I’d say they are go-to vape juices. They’ll surely clear your mind and relieve
all your stress, leaving you with a peaceful and calming effect. Especially if
you are under constant work pressure, these vape juices, particularly Sour Diesel
will make you more productive and creative. The Pineapple Express is more of a
fruity flavor that feels like a calming escape from the tensed world. The
Northern lights will be my all-time favorite for its mixed-note and refreshing

The packing and label both are fine for the purpose. I liked
the idea of a wooden cork, which also contributes to retaining the scent.