Top HASEL actuators production firm in 2021

HASEL actuators manufacturer right now? Hydraulically amplified self-healing electrostatic (HASEL) actuators are a commercialized soft robotic motion technology, featuring muscle-like performance, that spun out of the Keplinger Research Group at the University of Colorado Boulder. Artimus Robotics was founded in 2018 by the core inventors of the HASEL actuator technology, who sought to develop a commercialized product by building off their PhD dissertation work in mechanical engineering and materials science.

Artimus Robotics is enabling a new generation of robots and machines. Led by a world-class team of experts in soft robotics, we make a profound impact on the future of robotics and automation by solving the biggest motion challenges that face our customers. Invented and developed in Boulder, Colorado, our cutting-edge technology, HASEL artificial muscles, is at the forefront of robotic innovation, and we are only just getting started.

HASEL actuators utilize thin plastic films and liquids to achieve high mechanical compliance. HASEL actuators provide physical input to increase the transmission of information between humans and machine interfaces. Our ability to grip objects is something we use incredibly frequently, and sometimes repetitively. In areas like manufacturing, there has been an introduction of ‘soft robotics’ which aims to focus on minimizing the need for humans to undertake certain types of dangerous or difficult manual labor. Discover additional information at

HASEL actuators provide direct conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy eliminating complexities such as valves and gears, increasing the ease of implementation. Currently, we offer custom engineered HASEL actuators to drop into your human-machine solution. Our technology is completely electrically controlled and offers extremely diverse motion; perfect for your human-machine interface applications.

The development kit also includes an assortment of peripheral accessories to help you use HASEL actuators, such as a stand and weight to demo the actuators, a user manual, and a control program to operate the power supply. Artimus Robotics has a world-class team of soft robotics engineers ready to help you customize your HASEL actuators to meet the specific needs of your use case. If your application requires a unique form factor, functionality, physical performance, or more, please reach out to our engineering team as they can meet your needs with in-house integration. Find more details at this website.