Best rated dental implant courses

Best rated dental implant training? The LCOI college provides a uniquely structured training course, run over 12 months and provides 70 hours of enhanced verifiable CPD hours. Our dental implant training course consists of You will have the option to bring your own patients to the centre for treatment under supervision with no extra charge to you. Patient will pay a discounted fee. Read extra info on See more information at live patient implant training.

Can I bring my patient to the training centre? The training centre will provide you with patients but in addition to that, you can also bring your own patients to the training centre as long as the treatment is provided under supervision. This should be arranged with your clinical supervisor. Will I see the same patient from the start to the completion of treatment to see the result of my treatment? Yes, the clinical supervisors will do their best to give you the opportunity to see your patients from planning to fit stage. Under exceptional and very rare circumstances if the patient is not happy to continue with you, the patient may be transferred to another candidate.

Minimise disruption to your practice Our course is carefully designed to ensure understanding of the knowledge base and implementation into clinical treatment, while protecting you and the patient’s best interest. The course is designed to minimise disruption to your practice. Live surgery experience All live surgeries provided by the candidates are under strict direct supervision to ensure confidence and a smooth learning curve. We would like to invite you to invest in yourself and join us in a very special educational experience.

What makes this course so unique? This is an innovative dental implant training programme offering dental practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high quality dental treatment in a safe environment. Patients and mentor are provided by the course. In addition to the two patients provided by the course, you have the opportunity to place up to 20 implants to improve your skills and confidence subject to terms and conditions. Read additional details on